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Bossa Nova Rhythm Guitar Basics
  • Bossa Nova Rhythm Guitar Basics
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Everything you need to start playing Bossa Nova Rhythm Guitar!

In this workshop we will cover the following:

1.) The role and of the guitar in traditional Bossa Nova music

2.) Overview the unique fingerstyle approach present in Bossa Nova

3.) The steady two feel which your thumb creates

4.) Syncopated rhythms created by the i / m / a fingers on the upper structure of the chords

5.) Building a strong foundation through preliminary rhythm exercises

6.) Common chords and harmonic language

7.) The most common Bossa Nova Rhythms and a few variations

8.) Lastly we will apply everything to some tunes! including Bossa favorites such as Meditation, How Insensitive and Corcovado. We will also talk about applying these rhythms to other tunes.

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Building Lines with Cascading Harp Harmonics
  • Building Lines with Cascading Harp Harmonics
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In this workshop we will take a deep and comprehensive dive into cascading harp harmonics - a la Chet Atkins and Lenny Breau.

This is a ground up workshop meaning that I will lay the foundation you need first, once this is established we will begin learning how to build lines.

I recommend that you have some experience playing fingerstyle guitar as well as a basic jazz guitar chord vocabulary.

Whats included? Lifetime access to the workshop videos with living notation. Free copy of the eBook which accompany's the workshop. 25% off an individual coaching session.

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Mastering Triad Inversions
  • Mastering Triad Inversions
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If you are a serious student of the guitar then this workshop is for you. Mastering your triad inversions is an essential skill and knowledge you need at your fingertips (literally). You use these constantly aware or not. Once you gain a functional understanding you will be able to navigate the fretboard and the tunes you play with grater fluidity and new possibilities will open up for you.

Workshop details:

Lifetime access to the workshop video lessons with living notation. Free copy of the eBook. 25% off one coaching session. Study the triad inversions in a systematic and practical methodology. Work through the triad inversions from lowest to highest practical note. Progress through the circle of 4ths / 5ths Every major key Every relative minor key

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Private Music Coaching Session
  • Private Music Coaching Session
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Grow your skills as a musician and gain the confidence to spontaneously compose new ideas (also known as improvise). We will embark together on a mission of discovery to help you unlock your potential as well as engage in a systematic and proven approach which will hone you technical and musical skills. developing a more well rounded musician.

Sessions are 50 minutes and are $100.

After your session is purchased Nathaniel will reach out to you to discuss your goals and map out a plan for your session(s).

Each session includes supplemental materials such as PDF's, ebooks, supplemental video lessons with living notation and audio recordings.

*It is recommended that you purchase and schedule your sessions once a month.

*Nathaniel strongly encourages you to reach out prior to booking your coaching session as he only teaches 10 sessions per month and you may be able to join a wait list if space is not currently available.

Topics of study per session may include: Music composition techniques linear harmony Techniques for developing your unique voice in improvisation Transcription Music Theory Reading Music Fingerstyle technique Harp harmonic technique Bossa Nova Rhythms Solo guitar Arranging for guitar Accompaniment Jazz chords - what you actually need Ear training Rhythm training

...and so much more

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