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Corcovado - Sunday Standard


Corcovado ... sometimes called Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars. Is a beautiful Bossa Nova composition by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Originally, it was probably most famously recorded by Stan Getz as part of his ground breaking Bossa Nova album. Which of…

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Autumn Leaves : Sunday Standard

Originally a french song. ‘Les Feuilles Mortes’ or as we know it: Autumn Leaves, has been a staples in the jazz songbook. Here is our take … at least one of them ;)


English Lyric (by Johnny Mercer):

Composer: Jacques…

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Am I Blue? Sunday Standard

This week we are bringing you the blues! In the form of the standard Am I Blue? We had previously made a small short of our rehearsal of this song on YouTube, and a fan asked in the comments for…

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Summer Time - Sunday Standard

Needless to say that Summer Time by George Gershwin is a timeless standard which needs no introduction. Part of the Jazz-Pop musical Porgy and Bess. This tune never gets old!


Why Don't You Do Right - Sunday Standard

We decided to take an extended jam on this minor blue: Why Don't You Do Right?

Written and by "Kansas Joe" McCoy and Herb Morand in 1936. 

We hope you will enjoy this improvised jam on a theme of Why…

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Holding Back The Years

Todays Sunday Standard is a departure from the jazz repertoire into the realm of 80s brit pop. We ope you enjoy our cover of Holding Back The Years from the band Simply Red. 

Smile - Sunday Standard


Adapted from the  instrumental version used in the film Modern Times (1936). This famous Charlie Chaplin song has been recorded by everyone from Nat King Cole to Micheal Jackson. Chaplin composed the music in 1936. But the lyric was written…

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Moonlight in Vermont - Sunday Standard


Moonlight in Vermont was one of the first jazz tunes I arranged for solo guitar. I first heard it on the Johnny Smith record which featured Stan Getz. If you have never heard his record titled "Moonlight in Vermont" I…

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When Sunny Gets Blue - Sunday Standard

When Sunny Gets is written by Marvin Fisher (music) and Jack Segal (lyrics).  Something about the lyric melodies and harmonies speak deeply to us. The composition lends its self well to our reimagining.  Evoking that deep blue place within each…

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My Funny Valentine - Sunday Standard


We hope you enjoy our reimagining of this great standard - My Funny Valentine. Originally a show tune from the 1930's composed by Rogers & Hart for the musical Babes in Arms. 

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Agua De Beber - The Sunday Standard

Please enjoy our interpretation of "Água de Beber" ("Water To Drink") a bossa nova. Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and originally recorded in the key of A minor ( we perform it in Bb minor). The portuguese lyrics were written…

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Why Try to Change Me Now - The Sunday Standard

We love this classic song from the great American songbook! Music composed by Cy Coleman. Lyrics written by Joseph McCarthy, Jr. Another interpretation of this song is performed by Fiona Apple (which we love). This was just a sound check…

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