Bye Bye Black Bird - Sunday Standard

This one's for you Mark,


This week's Sunday standard is Bye Bye Black Bird; originally composed in the 1920's.  Jerome H. Remick was the composer who wrote the music. The lyricists were Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon.

We picked this song because it speaks to the grief we are feeling at the unexpected and sudden loss of our brother and friend. The lyrics are: 

Pack up all my cares and woes

Here I go 

Swingin low

Bye Bye Black Bird


Where somebody waits for me

Sugar's sweet, so is he

Bye Bye Black Bird


No one here can love or understand me

Oh what hard luck stories they've all handed me

Make my bed and light the light

I'll be home late tonight

Bye Bye Black Bird 


You were always so supportive of everything we did and encouraged us to follow our dreams. We love you so much. We'll be seeing you. 

Bye, bye Black Bird. 

Mark LeRoy Moore II (flew home April 28, 2023)