Moonlight in Vermont - Sunday Standard


Moonlight in Vermont was one of the first jazz tunes I arranged for solo guitar. I first heard it on the Johnny Smith record which featured Stan Getz. If you have never heard his record titled "Moonlight in Vermont" I highly recommend you spend some time soaking it up. 

Our reimagining of this timeless jazz standard will take the listener down a different road than those Johnny Smith records. However, we hope you can embrace the sense of adventure and curiosity with which we approached it. This was a completely impromptu and unplanned arrangement. I had never play the guitar parts as I  did this one time and Charlie jumped into the adventure with full force and prowess. So come join us and live in the moment... This moment. If you want to know just how different this improvised arrangement was from our usual check out the 2016 album release we recorded it on. 


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