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Corcovado - Sunday Standard


Corcovado ... sometimes called Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars. Is a beautiful Bossa Nova composition by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Originally, it was probably most famously recorded by Stan Getz as part of his ground breaking Bossa Nova album. Which of…

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Sunday Blues - Midway Blues Series

  This weeks bi-weekly blues brings you a spontaneous composition. Featuring the lovely bass playing of Nastassia Moore taking the lead. Blues is medicine for the soul and we hope you find this straight ahead Bb blues will bring some joy… Read more

Autumn Leaves : Sunday Standard

Originally a french song. ‘Les Feuilles Mortes’ or as we know it: Autumn Leaves, has been a staples in the jazz songbook. Here is our take … at least one of them ;)


English Lyric (by Johnny Mercer):

Composer: Jacques…

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Not So Blue - Midway Blues Series

Welcome back to the Midway Blues Series: Bringing you tasty blues jams every other week! 

This week is an original composition from about 5 years ago. Which Nathaniel wrote while riding in the car in vast expansive wasteland of North…

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Blues For Leroy - Midway Blues Series

5 days ago we wrote and recorded this blues… 

At the time I could never have imagined how deeply I would feel the blues and need them, how this song form will never be the same for us again. Indeed,…

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Am I Blue? Sunday Standard

This week we are bringing you the blues! In the form of the standard Am I Blue? We had previously made a small short of our rehearsal of this song on YouTube, and a fan asked in the comments for…

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Summer Time - Sunday Standard

Needless to say that Summer Time by George Gershwin is a timeless standard which needs no introduction. Part of the Jazz-Pop musical Porgy and Bess. This tune never gets old!


Why Don't You Do Right - Sunday Standard

We decided to take an extended jam on this minor blue: Why Don't You Do Right?

Written and by "Kansas Joe" McCoy and Herb Morand in 1936. 

We hope you will enjoy this improvised jam on a theme of Why…

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Holding Back The Years

Todays Sunday Standard is a departure from the jazz repertoire into the realm of 80s brit pop. We ope you enjoy our cover of Holding Back The Years from the band Simply Red.