Episode Four | Rehearsal Lab | The Bohemian Road Podcast 

The fourth episode on Rehearsal Lab opens with a poem by Arthur O'Shaughnessy - Ode. While a performance of Nathaniels original piano composition plays in the background (April Ninth.) Following this is a reading of a quote from Shakespeare. 

After an other worldly interlude…

  a conversation… the power of music to connect us, speak to us, comfort us…

         a reading of the Langston Hughes poem: I'm Still Here and discussion of our memories of a time music brought strangers together…

                 Nastassia discusses her thoughts on the poem by Langston Hughes and how it inspired her song I'm Still Here. ..

                         we conclude with a return to the O'shaughnessy poem. 

Rehearsal Lab | The Bohemian Road Podcast 


Dialog and background music by Nathaniel and Nastassia Moore 

Podcast produced by Nathaniel Moore

Featured instrumentalists: Nastassia Moore (Acoustic Bass ) / Nathaniel Moore (Guitar)

Featured tracks:

I'm Still Here (Songwriter: Nastassia Moore derived from a Langston Hughes poem. Produced and arranged by Nathaniel Moore)

April Ninth (Composer: Nathaniel Moore, solo piano with ambient sounds)

Scarborough Fair (English folk tune arranged by Nathaniel Moore)

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