I Ain't Coming Home - Original music and commentary  

In this episode we discuss our newest single and original song I Ain't Comin' Home. This is a raw and candid talk, unedited and unfiltered. The song will be officially released in all the places next week, but if you want to hear it early just stay tuned to the end. 


We co-wrote and recorded this one in a live performance, much like Life Has Got Me Down. It features Charlie's poignant vocals and lyrical magic, and the Gypsy on baritone guitar. So the sound and feel is very different from our usual format. You may hear subtle noises in the background from our children, but it's all part the live experience. Cheers! 



I ain't coming home

No sweet goodbyes

No clever lies

I ain't coming home

We had our time

But you're still on my mind

Quit waiting for me

Just let me be

This quick romance 

Left a dizzy trance

But I ain't coming home