New Live Cut!  

Its been a wild ride lately. This is a live take on one of our original compositions. We hope you enjoy it! 

The song is called: Life's Got Me Down. We use a modified minor blues form. 

The blues has been and continues to be one of the most essential and powerful American song forms. Presenting endless expressive possibility and depth. Moreover, the blues is actually about uplifting the tired soul and expelling the struggle and despair of life. So you hear Charlie laugh at the end of the song, because it feels great to sing the blues away.  Cheers to a wild life with its up and downs!



Life has got me down

Kicked me to the ground 

and robbed me

Now I'm lying here 

in my tears

Just let me lie here

until joy comes round

until I can rise up again

I'm just gonna stay here

bleed here

till the sun comes up

I've been this way

I've been that way

traveling to

so many places 

I forget where I've been

all I know is

life has got me down


All I know is life's got me down